Monday, May 10, 2010

i am not a toy...

i am not a toy dont play with me...
dont play with ur freaky ideas...
i am a bird let me fly,
let me see the sky again,
let me take the essence of life,
let me breath again...
i am not a toy dont play with me...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

start fresh...

i cannot understand why you always say start fresh? when i am not stale yet...
sometimes I am so damn alone,
that the only thing I wanna do is hold your hand,
and forget everything,
but then I remember that...
we have some dreams to achieve,
and we have some promises to keep...
how could I have ever fallen for your love,
i am a bird and I just know how to fly...
i may have lost once but that does not mean that i'm going to lose again…
this battle is for you and i am going to fight till the end,
because i believe i can take you and fly high...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

chhobi aka...

Chhobi aka gaan sona,
Gaaney kothao haria jawa,
Haria gia tomai khuje pawa,
Peye tomai sekhanei abar chere asha,
Asha abar fhire ashar...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A feeling…

Time is flowing, Day’s r passing, and night’s r cold
My blood is drying due to passionless life
Spectator’s eye is following me
Conscious and sub conscious r dancing in a rhythm
Whose music I have set
Where is the end? Where is the start?
Taking ride in a vicious circle
It’s like a giant wheel for me
It feels nausea all the time.

I envy

I envy u my frnd bcoz u have love
I envy u bcoz u have peace
I envy u bcoz u have faith
I envy u bcoz u have desire
I envy u bcoz u have passion
I envy myself bcoz I have everything still I am hollow
I envy, envy…

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



my sun is ur sun
my moon is ur moon
my water is ur water
my air is ur air
my fire is ur fire
my land is ur land
my blood is ur blood
my color is ur color
its my sky and u can also fly

so where is the difference?
how u r different?

o bristi

o bristi jokhon tumi poro
mone matia dao,
o bristi jokhon tumi boyo
sob thanda kore dao,
o bristi jokhon tumi jao
sob kichu nijer sathey
dhuye muchhey nia jao,

keno tumi manush k nijer sathe dhuye muchhey
niye jete paro na???

ponero/teen/dui hajaar dos

ekti bhalo bondhu
kichu chokher jol
koti bhalo gaan
R asombhob shanti...


having eyes, but not seeing the beauty;
having ears, but not hearing music;
having mind, but not perceiving truth;
having heart that never moved
and therefore never set on fire.

these are the things to fear...


i want to tie myself in between colours and music, the abstraction, the freedom, the peace...

framed world